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Snowgrass 7993 - Frosty 6489
(USGS Chiwaukum Mtns, GT Chiwaukum Mts)
September 23-24, 2006

(Intro & Photos Only)




Matt Burton, Mike Torok



This trip ascended Snowgrass & Frosty.  We hiked from Icicle Creek up the Frosty Creek Trail to Frosty Pass, which included a long detour on the lower trail.  Then we put our camp on the edge of a high basin about 500 feet above Mary Lake, surrounded by fall meadows and pretty patches of trees and rocks.  The long sunset from our high camp was a special treat, first coloring the peaks from gold down to a deep red, then lighting the sky with a soft colored haze that finally faded to last deep hints of orange on the horizon beneath deep midnight blue sky full of stars.  During the night, a steady wind pushed at our tent and remained through most of the day.  We ascended Snowgrass in the morning.  The route was mostly meadows, but included a brief fourth class step high on the ridge.  On our way down, we met several parties of other scramblers that we knew.  On our way out, I added a detour downward for a quick swim in Mary Lake.  At Frosty Pass, we stopped for a run up the easy, bright-colored ridge of Frosty.



Sorry, no detailed report yet, but please enjoy the pictures at the link below.



Icicle Creek TH 2900.  Icicle Creek Bridge 3200.  Lake Margaret 5409.  Frosty Pass 5750.  Lake Mary 6100.  Camp 6550.

Icicle Creek TH to 6550 Camp:  10.7 miles, 4100 gain, 350 loss.

Snowgrass from 6550 Camp:  1.6 miles, 1500 gain, 100 loss, one way. 

Frosty from Frosty Pass:  0.8 miles, 750 gain, one way.

6550 Camp to Mary Lake to TH:  10.8 miles, 4200 loss, 450 gain.

Total trip:  26.3 miles, 6900 gain.


Pictures & Maps:



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