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Andrews - Peepsight Outing
(USGS Coleman, Remmel, Ashnola Pass, GT Coleman)
October 7-10, 2006

(Intro & Photos Only)


Looking back to Peepsight Mtn from Freds Mtn



Matt Burton, Mike Torok, Richard Burt, Lynn Graf, Eric Johnson



T200 Peaks climbed by everyone:  Andrew Peak 8301, North Andrew Peak 8259, Peepsight Mtn 8166, Freds Mtn 8100+

Bonus Peak, climbed by Mike & Eric:  Van Peak 7863

Bonus lake, swum in by Matt:  Peepsight Lake


Click Map to EnlargeIntroduction: 

We set out to climb four 8000+ foot peaks in the Pasayten, where the larches might be turning golden. We ended up seeing more black and white than gold. Black were the charred forests on the long hike in along Andrews Creek. White was the snowstorm that covered Andrew & North Andrew. Then blue and gold were the clear skies and larches when we climbed Peepsight and Freds.


The trip was four days.  On day 1, we hiked all the way up Andrews Creek to Andrews Pass, then took the Rock Lake trail to camp at Rock Lake.  Everything in the Andrews valley had been burned more or less by the Farewell Fire in 2003.  On day 2, we ascended Andrews and North Andrews in a snowstorm, but hiked through some nice larch meadows in the mist on our return.  That night the weather cleared and our wet boots froze solid.  On day 3, we ascended Peepsight and Freds in clear weather, and returned by three different routes.   I chose a high return that brought me to Peepsight Lake in time for a swim.  On day 4, we hiked down the Peepsight Creek trail to rejoin the Andrews Creek trail and exit.



Sorry, no detailed report yet, but please enjoy the pictures at the link below.


Pictures & Maps:



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