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December 2007


December 1 Snowstorm


To start the month, we had a rare snowfall at home.  By midafternoon, there were big flakes coming down at our apartment.  I even persuaded Daniel to go outside just so I could take a picture of the snowflakes on his head.


Snowing at my apartment

Flakes (the snow, not the kid)


Later in the evening we wandered around to look at snow-covered Christmas decorations.


Snowcovered Christmas Lights

Sliding down the street

Snowy Christmas Decorations


Afterward I warmed up with a hot cup of tea in front of the fireplace.  But then Daniel persuaded me to go back outside for a snowball fight.


Snowflakes on Daniel's hat

Snowball Fight




Daniel is playing basketball at St. Therese again.  So far his team is 3-0.


St. Therese Basketball Team

Daniel Catching a High Pass

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