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Daniel's First Day of School.

Daniel's school year began with typical Seattle rain.  He's in 7th grade this year.

He was very happy to have chess for his elective this trimester.




Matt's Birthday


If you look closely, the cake has 4 candles on the left and 8 candles on the right, to make 48 for my birthday.


The inside of the cake was supposed to look like mountains, with green hills below, blue sky above, and an orange and red sunset in between.


However, when we put the batter in the pan, I forgot that you turn it over to get the cake out, so the cake came out upside down.









Michael's First Day of College


On 9/22, Michael moved into Bellarmine Hall at Seattle University.

Bellarmine is actually the same dorm I lived in when I first moved to Seattle in 1985.


Michael is majoring in mathematics.

He also has a job grading homework for the Mathematics Department.

Michael with his most important possession, the laptop that he bought with money from his summer job and matching funds from Grandpa.







Michael and Daniel at the door of his dorm room.


Michael and Daniel outside Bellarmine Hall.




Daniel is running cross-country again this year.  His first meet was on 9/23. 




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