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Baseball 2007


(updated 4/8/07)


Daniel is playing baseball again this spring.  He is in the Bronco (11-12 year old) division of Seattle Pony League.


His team is the Angels.  Daniel had hoped to be on the Cardinals again, because it's Grandpa Bob's team, but they are using only American League names for the teams this year.  Pony League reassigns kids to all of the teams each year, in order to keep the teams evenly matched.  It works out well, because everyone gets to know a lot of other kids around the league, and they all play in genuinely friendly competition.


 Daniel asked me to include the following two pictures and captions to show his loyalties.

Angel Now

Cardinal Forever


The team is off to a good competitive start so far.  They won their first game, fought through their second game to a one-point victory, and lost by one point on their third game.  Being in Seattle, it has rained on over half of their practices and games so far.  They also pulled off a triple play in their last game, which was pretty impressive to see. 


Angels in the dugout

Angels taking the field

Angels meeting after the game


Daniel had a good game in the field.  He caught a high fly ball in right field.  He threw out a runner at second base on a one-hop hit to right field.  And he made a long throw from deep left field to home right on target to the catcher that missed by only about a foot getting the runner out.  He's frustrated with his batting, but working on it. 


Daniel Fielding

Daniel Throwing

Daniel Batting


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