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Winter 2006


Some Winter 2006 Events:

 Daniel received a new 15-speed bike for his birthday.  On February 18, while I was out in the mountains, he decided to try riding the bike, but didn't quite have the hang of it the brakes.  The bike disagreed with him about when it was going to stop, and took him down a hill and nose-first into a wall.  Michael did a very good job of taking care of him until I arrived home.  The hospital said that his nose was probably broken up near the top, but it's healing up fine.

Daniel's received a cat from his mother for Christmas, which he named Christmas Carol.  On 1/26, the cat escaped and was lost for a month, but we posted signs and occasionally received reports from neighbors that they had seen her.  Finally on 2/28, a kindly neighbor caught the cat, so Daniel was very happy to get her back.  Now Christmas Carol is living mostly at my apartment, which is fine except for discord between her and our older cat Kiara.  Mostly Carol lives in Daniel's room, and Kiara has the living room, where she likes to sleep on top of Michael when he naps on the couch.

Daniel and I had some good winter outings.  In January we spent a weekend playing in the snow at the Mountaineers Lodge at Stevens Pass.  In February we went with Sonya to watch eagles along the Skagit River.  And in March we went to Paradise at Mt. Rainier to play in the snow.

Daniel's basketball team finished their season on February 4.  They had a very successful season, 8-0 in league play, and 3-1 in a tournament they organized for extra play during Christmas.  Most of all, everyone supported each other as teammates and had a good time.

Michael continued to take part of his classes at Edmonds Community College.  This term he has German and an English Research class where the class topic is Jack the Ripper.  Next term he is taking history, art, and a phys ed class (either yoga or conditioning for men).  He's also continuing to take Calculus, Statistics, and Computer Hardware at Edmond Woodway High School. 

Michael was looking forward to eating pie at 1:59 on March 14th.  Why?  Because the mathematical constant pi is 3.14159, so the time for pie is 3-14 1:59.

Winter 2006 Photos: (Click any photo for full-size picture.)

Daniel's cat, Christmas Carol


The photo we posted when Christmas Carol was lost


Christmas Carol relaxing on Daniel's bed after her return.

Kiara resting on Michael while he naps

Kiara & Christmas Carol


Michael's lego robot on my desk

Daniel in his basketball uniform


Daniel's basketball team at their final game.


Daniel and Sonya watching eagles on the Skagit River


Daniel with an eagle on a branch over the river


Daniel feeding bunnies at Clarks Skagit Eatery


Sonya walking Zoey, Fiona, & Bailey


Daniel's Injured Nose (probably broken)


Mushroom-head person by Michael

Michael at Edmonds Community College


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