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Winter 2005 Scrapbook
(January - March)

Click any photo to enlarge.)


After a rare Seattle snowstorm, Daniel & his friend Rugen worked on a snow fort, using their toy sword and axe to shape the snowballs.

Daniel didn't feel too cold to take a rest on top of a snowball.

His sword looks like Excalibur stuck into the rear snowball.

Daniel and Rugen in their finished snow fort.

The boys fought a snow battle with any tools they could improvise.

Daniel prepared a big snowball to throw at me.

Michael is in the early stages of crafting a snowball to throw at me.

He carefully built up layer after layer of snow.

Michael admiring the finished product...

... and throwing it at me.


Michael's math club has sweatshirts that say EWHS Warrior Calculus, named for the Edmonds-Woodway High School Warriors.

In math language, the back of the sweatshirt says "Quit Starin', Jerk". The explanation is below.

Michael in his Warrior Calculus T-shirt.

I'm really glad to see math get this kind of pride.

Here's Michael in front of his school.

We had to take the picture on a Saturday so no one would see him with a photo-taking parent.


Michael likes how the lines diverge in this graph he made. The formula is tan(x) + cot(y).


Daniel and I went to see Snoqualmie Falls while the river was flooding. The falls were throwing up so much mist that we could hardly see them from the closest overlook.

We hiked the trail down toward the river.

When we were here in late summer before, we could walk the river bed right up to the base of the falls. You wouldn't want to try that today.


Michael dressed in a tuxedo for the Winter Formal dance at his school.


Daniel's basketball team played well together as a team and played well against other teams. Daniel's coach taught them that teamwork is the most effective way to play.

Daniel is #21 in the picture.


Daniel learned a lot from his basketball team. By the end of the season, he could even read the other team's defense and offense and made suggestions to coach.


For those who aren’t math-heads, I’ll attempt to explain the caption on Michael's sweatshirt.

Velocity means movement at a constant speed.  It’s like a car traveling steadily down a highway.

d/dx refers to a change in something.

Therefore d/dx[velocity] is the change in speed, otherwise known as acceleration.  It’s like a car speeding up.

And d2/dx2[velocity] is the change in acceleration, otherwise known as jerk.  It’s what you feel when a car suddenly changes it’s acceleration, like when it hits a bump in the road.

So the phrase translates to “Stop starin’, jerk.”

By the way there are also further levels of change, which Michael says are referred to as “snap,” “crackle,” and “pop.”

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