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Easter 2005


March 26-27, 2005

Happy Easter to you!

Below are some of the Easter eggs colored by Michael, Daniel, and me.  Daniel figured out that he could use a rubber band to make lines on his eggs.  Then Michael used multiple layers of rubber bands to make more intricate patterns. 



We began our day with Easter baskets.  Each boy has his own type of candy that he prefers.

We also had our traditional Easter dinner together.  In the center of the table is a bowl of Potatoes Anna, which always reminds me of living next door to Anna, IL, when mom used to make them, even though they’re actually named after something else.



For Sunday mass, Daniel sang in the children's choir.

Each of the boys dressed up in their own style.


May you also find joy and grace in your life, as we celebrate at Easter, and as these boys have given to me.


Photo Gallery:  (Click any photo to enlarge.)

Easter Baskets

Searching for Magic cards hidden in Easter baskets.

Sorting Magic cards & hiding from Matt's camera.

Easter Dinner

Easter Children's Choir

Boys at Easter Mass

Daniel's Cowboy Pose

Daniel's Eggs

Michael's Eggs

Michael's fancy egg that broke from too many rubber bands.

Matt's Eggs


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