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Halloween 2005


October 31, 2005



Before Halloween, the boys carved jack-o-lanterns. 




Michael artistically carved pupils and eyebrows onto the eyes of his pumpkin.

Daniel chose odd-shaped pumpkins.  He carved the lefthand pumpkin to look like a scarred one-eyed old man.  With the refined taste of a ten-year-old, he selected the other pumpkin because it looked like buttocks.




The finished jack-o-lanterns cast an eerie orange glow upward onto our other halloween decorations.






For trick-or-treating, Daniel dressed as Clint Eastwood's character from "Hang 'Em High" (the marshall who survived a wrongful hanging at the beginning of the movie).  Thus the scar around his neck.  He used another cowboy hat as his candy basket.  Daniel was emphatic in pointing out that he's not wearing just a cowboy costume, but real cowboy clothes - boots, hat and all.



Later the boys made haunted gingerbread houses.



Michael came up with the idea of black frosting for the roof and candy corn icicles on the cornices.

Daniel's house included lots of cheerful ghosts with gumball pumpkins.

The boys also discovered that the black frosting would also turn their tongues black. 



Daniel and I worked together to engineer the pyramid of pumpkins in front of his house.

Grandma Carol sent the spider-web tablecloth to us.

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