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Pioneer/Salish Field Trip


October 5-7, 2005

Daniel's Fifth Grade Class at the Pioneer Farm Museum & Ohop Indian Village


My Pioneer Camp Field Trip

by Daniel Gehlke


My favorite thing was "Bacon" the pig.  Bacon likes to eat your shoes.  Sky said Bacon’s real name is “Susan Bacon Anthony” but Bacon doesn’t like that name.  She told me so.


The barn was one of my favorite places to be.  Catching chickens is fun, fun, fun to do.  You had to keep the chickens from escaping through the hole.  My trick was to fake going one way but really go the other.  I liked milking "99" the cow.  You have to squeeze with the top two fingers then squeeze with the rest and you have to squeeze hard.  For working in the barn, I wore my cowboy hat and jeans and boots and my dirty white T-shirt with stains from CYO camp.


Here are some things I learned.  I learned pioneer kids had to be clean and you had to work really hard.  Native kids got to play more.  The native people made almost everything out of cedar, like clothes and baskets.  I learned if you are going to have an outhouse you need a deeper hole in the ground.


Here are more things I liked.  My favorite food was the apple cider because we made it out of fresh apples by grinding the apples in an apple machine.  Moonspinners are fun to play with but not fun to have in your hair.  In the cabin I liked grinding grain.  Sleeping in the cabin was fun but the girls talk too much in the morning and at night.  One of my second favorite places was the trading post.

"Bacon" the Pig



Milking "99" the Cow


Catching Chickens

Salish Cedar Hat

Grinding Grain


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