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Swimming 2005


Michael and Daniel are both excellent swimmers. During the hot summer weather this year, they spent many afternoons or evenings at our apartment's pool. 


Sometimes they'd be full of horseplay:

Splashing each other.

Michael making a somersault.

Michael launching Daniel out of the water.

Here's Michael making a huge cannonball splash:

Michael making a deep hole in the water at first impact.

Michael completely hidden by the big splash.

The splash contracting to a wave as Michael sinks deep beneath.

The wave front spreading out from Michael's impact.


The boys also cooperated together, and Michael helped teach Daniel:

Getting ready to swim together.

Daniel surfing on Michael's back.

Swimming underwater.

Watching our mechanical toy fish try to swim.

Daniel took lessons from our old neighbor Donna again.  Michael liked to see how far he could swim underwater, doing two complete laps of the pool without surfacing.  Some evenings he also swam for exercise, doing eighty or more laps.

I mostly stayed on shore, but they occasionally persuaded me into the water, so that even my swimming improved, but I still reserve most of my swimming efforts to mountain lakes.

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