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Woodland Park Zoo 2004

February 22, 2004


On February 22, Daniel and I visited the zoo with Daniel's friend Cameron. 


First we walked through the Northern Trail exhibits, which show animals that live in the northwest.  The boys pretended to be wolf cubs in a cave.  I wanted to look at the bears, since I have encountered bears in the woods, but the bears were asleep.

Cameron's favorite area was the Adaptations House, which features all kinds of creepy crawly animals.  Here's a tree boa symmetrically curled up on a tree branch.


We wandered to the African Savannah area, where the lions were out strolling on their lawn.


Danielís favorite area was the gorillas.He really likes to just stay for a long time and watch the individual gorillas and gorilla families.


March 21, 2004


On March 21, Daniel and I spent almost the whole time in the tropical area, observing the monkeys, gorillas, and orangutans.



However, on the way in, I got lost, so we travelled through the savannah first.The lions were close by enjoying the sun on a rock.Daniel took a picture of me with one of the African wild dogs.


Then we watched each of the gorilla families.There are two mother and child pairs, plus a grandmother who is taking care of a child, plus one adult male and one adolescent male.


The mothers and babies are remarkably affectionate.They are constantly touching each other.Maybe we humans could gain a lesson in showing such basic care for our children.


Gorilla Mother & Baby


Gorilla Grandmother & Grandchild


We also visited the orangutans.They were all outside while the keepers were filling the inside cages with dinner for the animals to find.We had to leave before the feeding, however, because we had an appointment to take Michael out to dinner.Perhaps there could be a joke here that we were also on our way to feed a great ape, but then Michael might pick out some other animal comparisons in reply.


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