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Easter Weekend 2004


4/9 – 4/10/04



On Good Friday, Michael was the cross-bearer for an ecumenical Stations of the Cross that included Daniel’s school.



Later in the evening, the boys colored Easter eggs.

(While I went to the store to get more vinegar for the egg dye, the boys figured out how to etch bad words onto some of the days the eggs.)




On Saturday, Daniel went our apartment complex’s Easter egg hunt in the morning.  The  he practiced riding his bike.


Michael spent the day at Seattle Center competing in a regional Yu-Gi-Oh tournament.




Both of the boys asked for dictionaries in their Easter baskets this year.  They had fun looking up words in the dictionaries and playing with the clucking bunnies.


Our dinner was home-made waffles covered with whipped cream and fruit.


Photo Gallery:  (Click any photo to enlarge.)

Michael at Good Friday Stations of the Cross

Climbing the Rope Pyramid

Coloring Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt at Northern Lights Apartments

Michael's Eggs

Daniel's Eggs

Daniel Triumphant on his Bike

Daniel Riding his Bike

Michael at Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament

Easter Baskets

Playing with the Clucking Bunnies (stuffed bunnies that cluck like chickens)

Playing with Dictionaries

Looking up words in new dictionaries

Easter Dinner

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