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Danielís Legos 2004


(Click any picture for full-sized photo.)

Danielís Star Wars ďBattle of GenosisĒ Legos


December 2003 Ė April 2004


During the past four months, Daniel has assembled all the lego sets to reconstruct the Battle of Genosis, which was the climactic battle at the end of Star Wars Episode II.


Republican Gunship


Danielís Republican Gunship

This was Danielís biggest lego set ever, 686 pieces.

He worked all day to build it on Christmas Eve.

Hailfire Droid


Daniel & Michael working on the Hailfire Droid.

Each of the boys had built one wheel assembly.


Daniel's Complete Star Wars Legos


Danielís Complete Set of Star Wars Legos, together with his two Star Wars Shirts.


Star Wars Lego Battle 1


The Genosis fighter chases the top section of

the Republican Gunship, whichhas detached from

the cargo area to become a separate fighter.

Star Wars Lego Battle 2


The previous fighters have crashed,

but combat continues, as the Jedi Starfighter

engages the Hailfire droid.



Danielís Battle of Helmís Deep
(from Lord of the Rings)


August 2003


The Hornburg fortress is at the rear, with the Orc army in the foreground, and the Rohan cavalry ready to charge from the side.


If you look very closely, you can even see Aragorn in brown and Legolas in green on the ramparts of the fortress.Gimli is mostly hidden behind Legolas.

Helm's Deep



Danielís Nautical Legos


April 2004


Oriental Warship


Danielís Oriental Warship

Lego Fleet


Danielís complete nautical collection engages in battle, including the Ogel Undersea base in the foreground and the surf shop near the center.


(Click any picture for full-sized photo.)

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