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Daniel’s 9th Birthday


February 7, 2004


For Daniel’s ninth birthday, we had a party together with his big brother Michael, three of his classmates (Devon, Jeremy, and Cameron), his friend James Greenlee, and Michael’s friend Justin Greenlee.





Before the cake, all the younger kids spent time building Lego Bionicles,

 plus setting up armies and fortresses with Daniel’s other toys.



Justin and Michael played chess with our “Lord of the Rings” chess set.



 At the end of the party, things got a little wilder.  The kids blew up “confetti poppers” which send clouds of confetti flying through the air (and landing everywhere for later vacuuming).  And they played with Daniel’s birthday balloons. 



Daniel’s birthday cake was of course a multi-colored angel food cake, just as Grandma Carol used to make for my birthdays.  For a school assignment in March, Daniel wrote instructions on how to make a four-colored angel food cake.  Then we baked a cake together and Daniel took pieces to give to everyone in his class.


How To Make a Four-Colored Angel Food Cake


Do you want to make a four-colored angel food cake?  If you want to make a four-colored angel food cake, you need these, 4 bowls, eggs, Angel Food Mix, food coloring, water, and angel food cake pan.  First you preheat the oven to 325.  Second you put the mix in a bowl.  Third you need to put in eggs and water.  Next you stir it.  Then you put the batter in to four bowls.  Then you put in the food coloring in to the bowls of batter.  Last you put the batter in the angel food cake pan and put it in the oven till it is done.

Have fun eating it!!!!!!!!!!!!


By  Daniel Gehlke

March 4, 2004


Photo Gallery:

Kids Building Bionicles in the Living Room

Teenagers Hanging Out in My Room

The Kids Displaying Their Bionicles

Daniel's Birthday Cake

Blowing Out the Candles

Acting Goofy with the Birthday Cake

Justin & Michael Playing Chess

Kids Watching Chess Game

Confetti Poppers

Michael & Daniel with Balloons

Balloon Battle

Daniel's Four-Colored Angel Food Cake

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