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Christmas 2004




Here's our Christmas tree glowing on the night before Christmas.


Iíve always liked looking at Christmas lights.I like the way they make colors glow in the darkness.Ever since I was little, I liked to sometimes take a few minutes at the end of the day and just watch the warm, soft glow of the lights shining through the tree.It changes the long cold winter night into something special and magical.


I really enjoy celebrating Christmas with my kids.They experience the magic of a season that sometimes adults have forgotten.Itís good to be around people who get excited about special holidays.Perhaps thereís a somewhat mercenary tone to the anticipation of presents, but even the desire for presents isnít necessarily bad.It can be an opportunity to enjoy sharing good things with each other.


Hereís my family opening our presents.




I like being around children who anticipate good things coming into their lives.I disagree with people who think presents and fun detract from the meaning of Christmas.I believe that everything in life that is hopeful and joyful should be celebrated.The original Christmas is a gift from God, and every kind of gift, whether of things or of people, can be an opportunity to celebrate the goodness that is given to our lives.The world could certainly use a little more hope and joy.


We had our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve, because Daniel would be with Reneí on Christmas Day itself.Later in the day, we had a big dinner together, and Daniel sang in the childrenís choir at the Christmas Eve mass.



A couple days after Christmas, I was talking to one of Michaelís teenage friends, who said that he wished he could just get rid of all the decorations because he didnít like to be reminded of Christmas.I asked him why, and he said it was because of the bad memories he had of his parents fighting at Christmas.For myself, I have many happy memories of Christmas and other family times together.So I want to give a huge thank-you to my parents, my brothers, my grandparents, my former housemates and all of the people who have left me with fond memories of holidays shared together.And a thank you to my kids for happy times created today.


 Picture Gallery:

Before opening presents, Matt made everyone pose for a picture.

We all took turns opening presents.

Thank you to everyone who gave the gifts.

Michael and Daniel checked out their new Magic cards.

Daniel built his new Native American lego set.

The happiest critter in the house was Snakey, who seemed blissfully content with his new electrically heated rock.

Christmas Dinner

Children's Choir at St. Therese Christmas Eve Mass

Daniel in his new western outfit.

Click here for more pictures of our three Christmas trees and other decorations.

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