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Easter Saturday


April 19, 2003


Daniel and Michael were with me for the Saturday of Easter weekend so we had our Easter celebration on that day.


We ended up with four rounds of activities, each of which involved decorative food.



First we colored Easter eggs.



The boys had a great time making fun of my botched attempt to create a six-colored egg.







Second, we created scenes using marshmallow bunnies & chicks. 


I made a nice family scene with the chicks having pastel M&M’s for eggs and the bunnies having little gummy bunnies for babies. 


Then the boys wanted to make their own scenes.


Daniel made a kingdom with a king Peeps chick on a throne.


Michael made a war with bunnies eating the chicks’ eggs and the chicks eating the bunnies’ babies.




Third we had a dinner of waffles decorated with whipped cream and fruit


Daniel’s waffle was an alien face with slices of fruit making three different-colored eyes.

My waffle was supposed to be a flower with a blueberry center and strawberry petals.

Michael’s waffle was a layer cake of two waffles with whipped cream packed between and on top.




Fourth, the kids received Easter baskets. 


Daniel is holding a “clucking bunny.”  When you squeeze the bunny’s paw, it goes “cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck” like a chicken.  The boys played with it so much that they wore out its battery by the end of the next day.



The decorations behind the boys have a lot of history.  We’ve had the tree since Christmas 2000, and we decorate it for each season.  Daniel made the big flowers in kindergarten, and he made one of the bunnies in pre-school.  But the oldest decoration is the basket of eggs on the right.  If you could look very close, you’d see that the signature, “Mrs. Robert Burton,” where Grandma Carol signed it as part of my homework in third grade.




Finally, here’s a cross Daniel decorated for Good Friday.  Daniel says that the picture of baseballs in the center is “like love getting bigger and bigger till it goes off the edge.”


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